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Armstrong Interactive: J. Peterman

Armstrong Interactive’s main goal in its work for The J. Peterman Company was to develop strategies the company could employ to increase its brand awareness and web presence. The AI team strove to do so in ways not only consistent with the company’s current practices, but in ways in which John Peterman himself would be pleased. The team began to pursue this goal by researching The J. Peterman Company: they explored its existing websites, met with compnay members Tim Peterman and Matt Rogish and submitted surveys to a sample of The J. Peterman Company’s customers and Peterman’s Eye bloggers. This research enabled AI to brainstorm a variety of ideas that it felt would benefit the company. The team propsed the best of these ideas and based upon feedback settled on four projects: a rich media experience in the form of an online game called “Peterman’s Clock,” a new travel website called “Peterman’s Compass,” a Smartphone application to supplement Peterman’s Compass, and a “deal of the day” auction website called “Peterman’s Vault.”

Peterman’s Clock is a media experience based upon a one-of-a-kind product featured on The J. Peterman Company website: the Da Vinci Speeder Clock. Upon accessing Peterman’s Clock via a tab found on the Peterman’s Eye site, the user will be presented with a scenario in which J. Peterman is gifted with the clock at a mysterious shop in Venice. J. Peterman soon finds that his gift has the ability to transport its owner through time and space without his consent. Soon enough, the clock does just that to J. Peterman. The user must then analyze historical and geographical clues to determine his location in place and time each time he transports.

Peterman’s Compass is AI’s vision of a travel site that is both substantial and whimsical enough to satisfy even the most restless of The J. Peterman Company’s fans and fellow travelers. While most modern travel sites are devoted to a dull brand of efficiency and hastiness, Peterman’s Compass will focus on more atypical ways to travel. Users will see this from the moment they access the site and are greeted by an old-fashioned compass. Peterman’s Compass is designed not only to be a helpful source for travel planning, but to also serve as a recreational tool. To further this goal, AI developed a Smartphone application to allow users to access site features on the go.

Like Peterman’s Clock and Compass, Peterman’s Vault will further the sense of community among fans, provide them with an intriguing service and attract new users to the brand. The Vault’s main goal is to bring in revenue. Utilizing the “deal of the day” model, it will feature a new product every week, available only for those seven days. Additionally, the site will allow users to comment on the item for sale, guess what next week’s theme will be based on clues, and potentially earn special discounts.