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Mobile Italy

During this workshop students will actively participate in documenting a culture of design in mid-northern Italy. During the course of the four-week summer term digital and analogue documents, still and motion media, and collected cultural artifacts will be combined to study the Italian design culture as evidenced through its people, arts, architecture, history, and culture. We will use the latest popular micro mobile media devices and millennia old means of expression to design interdisciplinary solutions to design problems.

A primary goal of the course it to ask questions about how one discovers an unfamiliar place, how this makes a visitor reconsider themselves, and how can this be captured and propagated with contemporary media.

Upper-level undergraduate and graduate students from programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Studio, Art History, Interactive Media Studies, and other Fine Arts disciplines can participate.

Workshop led by Samantha Perkins, Visiting Critic, and John Humphries, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Interior Design.

More information to come.