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Multi-disciplinary Design Studio: Spring 09

The Clifton District of Cincinnati is situated a few blocks from the University of Cincinnati and a number of hospitals, and acts as a sort of “cultural hub” for the area. The neighborhood is filled with foot traffic from students, medical personnel, locals and visitors. While there are multiple restaurants within the area, the diversity of the context easily allows for the inclusion of a new [hypothetical] restaurant which shares space with a brewery. This newly proposed brewpub is expected to act as a social mecca for residents and a magnet for non-residents, providing a new source for locally produced consumables. People should feel as if they can stay there all day, relaxing and meeting others from around the neighborhood or around the world in doing so.

A young local has selected the historic Ludlow Garage, former host to a number of musical concerts, as their site for this new brewpub. Designers of the architecture, interior design and graphic design programs were tasked with the challenge of designing all elements of the restaurant/brewery, down to each small detail, including but not limited to a regut of the interior shell, brewing tanks, materials, lighting, circulation, public and private spatial programming, branding, signage and all necessary accoutrements.